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[05 Oct 2004|12:35pm]

Has anyone here played in a tournament WITH the advanced format? Just wanted to know if there are any new strategies out there that we should be aware of.
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WOW! [11 Aug 2004|09:43pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Ya know...I leave for just a bit and people start joinin. I knew that would happen. Awesome, thanks guys, now this place is for discussing Yu-Gi-Oh, or whatever, I'm pretty lenient. Does anyone here actually play the card game or do you guys just watch the show?

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Second Test [10 Jun 2004|11:32pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Again, this is a second test. I just want to see this journal scroll down and I could make some more changes to it. But aside from that, what do you guys think of it so far? Good? Not good? A work of art? Tacky? Okay, gotta get back to work on this.

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First Entry [04 Jun 2004|01:22pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay, this page isn't always going to look like this. I'm still tinkering around with the colors. So, yeah, we can start from here. Just post suggestions n crap here. Enjoy all. (Oh, and btw, you have to request being a member in order to post here)

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